Why A Move-in Ready Condo is Perfect for Retirees

Not everyone retires in the same way. Maybe you’ve decided that retirement is just another phase of life to keep busy and your plans don’t include slowing down at all. 

Or perhaps you view retirement as your reward for an active and productive work life, and you’re ready to have fewer responsibilities.

In either case, there will likely be a time when you realize the home you’ve been living in is more than you need; it’s no longer a good fit at this point in your life.

That’s why a move-in ready condo is perfect for retirees.

Whether you want to downsize, or just prefer a change in lifestyle, there are many great reasons to move into a condo in your retirement. To help you decide what’s right for you, we have put together a list of our best reasons.

Why A Move-in Ready Condo is Perfect for Retirees Freedom ImageIt’s All About The Freedom

Not only will you have far less house to maintain in a move-in ready condo, but the property itself will be taken care of. No more weekends spent dusting and vacuuming a big house, mowing the lawn, or shovelling the driveway. Instead, you can spend your weekends living life, enjoying the leisurely outdoors, visiting with family or friends, or engaging in recreational activities.

Move-in ready also means you simply move in your personal items and you're settled in. These condos are typically designed with modern finishes and new high-end appliances. There’s no need to renovate or create extra work for yourself at a time you should be enjoying life. 

Would you rather have to figure out what to do with those empty extra bedrooms left behind once the kids move out? Who needs all that space anymore?

Live in a Prime Location

Most condo buildings are located close to a variety of amenities and services. Choose to walk to your favourite coffee shop or grocery store instead of driving, and enjoy having a dentist or eye doctor close to home. Being in the heart of these amenities also means you’ll have access to a variety of great restaurants, fitness centres, shopping, and parks.

Your condo location may also give you access to stunning views of the city, parks, or rivers at a fraction of the price of a single-family home with the same accesses.

Why A Move-in Ready Condo is Perfect for Retirees Security

Symphony Tower Entrance


If safety is a concern, you can rest easy in a condo building as most condo properties have tight security and strict rules about who is permitted in. For example, in some buildings visitors can’t operate the elevator without a key fob. This gives you an extra layer of security. Guests are typically welcome, but in small groups, limiting the potential for noise and risks to safety.

You’ll also have the added reassurance of knowing your home is being protected if you decide to travel. 

A Great Chance to Declutter

It is common for those approaching retirement to begin the downsizing process in small stages, taking a few steps rather than one big leap. This typically leads to moving at least twice, which can be stressful as well as a potential loss of funds depending on the market. There could be a shift in market value, leaving more money behind than you anticipated when you attempt to sell your current house to move to a condo. Additionally, the house will still require maintenance and upkeep, things you don’t want to make time for anymore.

Why A Move-in Ready Condo is Perfect for Retirees No Clutter ImageThe Rubinstein Model Kitchen

It may be daunting to think about shifting from your comfortable home to a condo. After all, there will be extra furniture and goods you’ll no longer need, and it takes work to sort and sell off unneeded items.

However, the rewards of downsizing can have a positive impact on your mental health. With far less to clutter up your space, you’ll find you no longer need to worry about tidying up as often or dealing with boxes of things you’ve just carried with you from move to move and never unpacked.

By putting forth the effort to declutter, minimize, and streamline your life from the start, you can make the move to a condo, saving your hard-earned money to live your life rather than pay storage facilities.

By choosing to live in a move-in ready condo, you’ll gain freedom, enjoy fewer responsibilities in your day-to-day life, and be located in the heart of the community. Are you ready to take back control of your free time? Take a look at some of our high-end move-in ready suites and see if a new condo in downtown Edmonton is the perfect place for you.

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