What Kind of Amenities Will Attract High-Quality Tenants?

When making your decisions on what type of condo to buy as an investment property, it’s important to consider the type of tenants you want to attract. To maximize your return on investment, you’ll be interested in high-quality tenants that pay on time, care about your property, and love where they live so they stay for the long term. 

The type of amenities in and near the property play a significant role in attracting these types of renters and Symphony Tower offers many of these high-demand amenities.

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Symphony Tower Exterior

Tenants Love a Beautiful, Well-Kept Property

Condos come in all shapes, sizes, and conditions. It’s attractive to potential renters if they can see and experience the well-maintained condition of your condo. The beauty of the building creates the appropriate emotional responses to feel that this place is a comfortable home - one that they can see themselves living in for many years.

Symphony Tower marries existing heritage buildings with modern, harmonious design. The overarching theme of classical music is carried through the design of the building structure, with its flowing and curvy shape, endless windows, and stunning lobby lined with marble and art made from organ pipes. The repurposing of the brick buildings at the foundation maintains the historic value of the building, while the brand-new tower magnificently stretches up to reach for the sky.

The Convenience of In-Unit Laundry

Most tenants of a tower-style condo building are not interested in carrying their laundry up and down the stairs or to the elevator to a common laundry area.

Today’s renters are seeking a place to live where their day-to-day tasks are achievable right at home. In-unit laundry is a must-have for today’s tenants.

Every single unit within Symphony Tower offers in-unit washer and dryer units, giving your tenants the convenience of doing laundry in the comfort of their own home. 

24-Hour Emergency Maintenance

Tenants don’t really like to have to call their landlords at three o’clock in the morning because of a water leak, but sometimes it happens. Having a maintenance company on-call in your condo building takes away the hassle of having to find a repair person and gives your tenants access to maintenance services that are in place by the condo board specifically for this purpose.

Symphony Tower has 24-hour emergency maintenance services in place for any issues that occur within the units and the building itself.

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Mozart Model Kitchen

A Kitchen Made for Entertaining

Many condo kitchens are small, galley-style spaces; and they feel more like they belong in an apartment than a high-class condo. Finding a condo unit that offers modern kitchen design, storage, and appliances will ensure you attract high-quality tenants.

A spacious, modern kitchen is not only a comfort for the tenant’s day-to-day cooking and food preparation, but also great for entertaining guests.

The kitchens in every Symphony Tower unit are aptly named ‘gourmet’. With seemingly endless cabinets for storage, stainless steel modern appliances (including a gas stove), and granite countertops, the kitchen in these units is ideal for modern living.

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Alberta Legislature Grounds

Lifestyle Options Outside The Condo Building

The building and condo unit of course should have modern living in mind in terms of design, floorplan, and functionality, but your tenant’s lifestyle might also demand other amenities nearby. Access to green space, stunning views, and great restaurants and shopping are common needs of today’s renters.

Surrounding Symphony Tower is an abundance of lifestyle amenities such as these. The Legislature grounds are directly across the street from the property, offering stunning views of the surrounding green space, historic buildings, and the river valley nearby.

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and lounges dotting the landscape within walking distance of the building. Well-known local cafes such as Credo (104 Street) and District Café (109 Street) are minutes away by foot, as are high-end restaurants such as Corso 32 (Jasper Ave/103 Street) and Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse (109 Street).

Just up the block on 109 Street is the vibrant nightlife at Central Social Hall, offering quality pub food and signature cocktails. The Starlight Room on 102 Street is widely known for its eclectic lineup of live music in its historic building.

Daily amenities such as grocery, health care, and general shopping are also accessible in the downtown core, including the City Centre Mall on 102A Street, the Arts District at 124 Street, and the newer Brewery District on 104 Avenue.

If your tenants are looking for access to fitness facilities, Orange Theory Fitness is located just up the street on 108 Street and Jasper Avenue. The YMCA offers a wide variety of amenities on 102 Street, and the GYMVMT health club can be found on 101 Street.

Attracting the right tenants to your condo unit is the key to finding success in your investment. By offering modern, quality amenities in and around the building, you’ll be sure to find an ideal renter who will consider your condo a comfortable home for many years.

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