What Amenities Should I Look for In My Condo Building?

You know exactly the kind of condo you are looking for: modern design, well-planned layout, comfortable living. You may even have decided on the general area in which you’d like to live or the types of neighbourhood perks you’re looking for.

However, have you considered the private amenities a condo building can provide?

Not all condo buildings are alike. Some focus on an accessible price point and offer very little extras. Some properties are focused on the total living experience and offer unique and enticing facilities to attract the right kind of buyer.

Entire communities can be built within a single property, offering convenience, enhanced quality of life, and a wholesome lifestyle for all who live within.

So what should you look for?

What Amenities Should I Look for In My Condo Building? Coffee Shop ImageDecide What Matters to You

A condo building may offer every amenity available, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you. Only you can decide what is important to you and your lifestyle.

Most condo buildings offer some form of a gym or exercise centre, but is that something you are looking for? Have you always wished you had access to a coffee shop close to home, and would love to have one in your building? Will you need gathering rooms or party rooms to host guests?

These are some of the basic amenities most buildings offer, but new communities have come a long way in lifestyle development. Make a list of what matters to you, and what just might be a deal maker or breaker.

Some Ideas on Condo Amenities to Look For

Not all these items will appeal to you, but this list will perhaps encourage you to think beyond the usual and brainstorm what is possible.

What Amenities Should I Look for In My Condo Building? Biking ImageCar and Bike Share Programs

If you are considering swapping your vehicle for a more economically or environmentally friendly approach to transportation, you’ll also want to think about a location that offers a car, bike or e-scooter sharing program, such as Communauto, Lime or Bird in Edmonton.

Significantly reducing transportation costs, residents can book a vehicle on an as-needed basis, providing freedom from maintenance and ownership costs.


Maybe you like to entertain but don’t always want to have people in your home. There are condo buildings with an owner’s lounge - some of which allow you to book to ensure both privacy and space - which means you can have a wonderful dinner party but not have to clean your kitchen after.

Rooftop Recreation

Many condo buildings offer rooftop gathering space, providing spectacular sky-high views and leisurely loungers. Entertain guests in this space with a summer barbecue, or simply enjoy a morning coffee with the best views in the city.

Equally, some properties are starting to offer shared garden space to allow residents to grow herbs or small vegetable gardens of their own.

What Amenities Should I Look for In My Condo Building? Spa ImageFitness and Spa Facilities

If yoga or exercise classes are on your list of must-haves, many condo buildings offer regular programs for residents to enjoy without the trip to the gym or yoga studio. These programs are a great opportunity to focus on your health and well-being, while socializing and connecting with your community. Did we mention puppy yoga is growing in popularity, too?

What Amenities Should I Look for In My Condo Building? Balcony Image

The Carrera Model Balcony

Amenities Built Into Your Condo

Not all amenities have to be outside of your condo unit. Buildings that care about quality of life have opted to include features home buyers may not have thought of when moving from a house to a condo.

These items can include gas barbecue hookups on your private balcony, floor to ceiling wall glass, soundproofing and fire protection between units, upgraded finishes throughout the design, and high-end appliances. The amenities within your new home are just as important as those outside.

These are a handful of ideas on the kind of enhanced lifestyle amenities to look for in your new condo building. Before you buy, you have the opportunity to decide what you want your lifestyle to look like in and around your condo, so why not look for a building that offers everything you need to be entirely happy with your new home? You could start by taking a tour of Symphony Tower - you might find just what you’ve been looking for!

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