Your Guide to Spring Condo Maintenance

Spring is such a refreshing time of year - the season is driven by new growth and fresh air, inspiring condo owners to push away the dirt and grime of winter. As the cold temperatures finally begin to wane, it’s time to start thinking about your spring condo maintenance.

Here are some helpful maintenance tips to keep your condo in great shape and help retain its value over time.

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Check The Exterior

One of the biggest advantages of owning a condo is you don’t have to do a lot of exterior maintenance - no clearing snow from the sidewalks or cleaning out guttering required! However, it’s still worth checking the exterior of your condo for any possible damage after winter has subsided.

This includes checking your window seals and balcony door weather stripping for damage or insufficiency, and repairing if needed. Look for possible damage to exterior finishes like your siding or stucco. Cracks or impairments can allow moisture to penetrate your home, potentially causing costly repairs.

This is also a good time to clear any dirt from the balcony and the railings, so you won’t have to worry about it later on when you’re enjoying the patio during warmer weather. If you live on a higher floor, be careful of the water runoff onto the floors below. 

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Inspect Your Appliances And Peripherals

Your condo’s HVAC system will need to be cleaned at least once every three years to prevent dust and allergens from building up in your ductwork. If you have an air conditioner, inspect the unit for damage and debris, and give it a test to ensure it’s in working order. It’s less expensive and more efficient to call for maintenance or repairs before the heat of the summer arrives.

Be sure to test and inspect the fire safety systems and sprinklers as well. Replace batteries in any smoke or carbon monoxide detectors you have. Check your washing machine hoses for leaks, and your dryer vents for debris or blockages. Be sure to run water and flush toilets in all rooms, even unused ones. You also want to vacuum the coils on your refrigerator and air conditioner.

Air Out The Inside And Clean Everything

On a warm spring day, open every window in your home to allow fresh air to move through. This will aerate your spaces and get rid of the musty winter air trapped in your home, not to mention air pollutants and allergens. Just make sure you don’t open the windows on a high-pollen day!

If you have a fireplace, it should be inspected once a year to ensure safety and performance. Clean up any clutter in your storage closets, spare room, and any other areas you don’t look at frequently. While you’re there, check for moisture leaks.

Wash your windows - both inside and out (if you can do the outside). Don’t forget the sills as well. Winter builds up some nasty residue!

Deep clean your carpets to get rid of any dirt that was tracked in over the winter months.

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Fix Up The Landscaping

For most condos, landscaping won’t be an issue. However, if you live on a ground floor suite you may have a little extra work to do. Snow does a real number on grassy areas, leaving behind layers of dead grass and possibly snow mold.

Once the snow is finally gone for good, rake any grassy areas to pull up all the dead material. This will allow rain and moisture to penetrate the dirt below and give your plants the fresh drink they need.

Check for drainage problems. You can run your garden hose in areas to test how the water drains, and repair any damage or insufficient areas.

Have fun starting a new garden for the year! Fresh flowers and shrubs, and even fresh mulch in your plant beds create that luscious smell of spring and beautify your home.

Doing a bit of spring maintenance to your condo will not only keep your property in great shape but also help retain its value over the life of your ownership. In addition to the maintenance you can do on your own, your condo’s management group should also be doing their part to keep the overall property in good condition. A well-maintained condo is a healthy place to live and a strong investment in your future.

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