6 Reasons Why A Luxury Condo Could Suit You Better Than A New House

You may be feeling the pinch in your current home, it may be time to move into something new. Maybe you’re renting and feel it’s time to become a homeowner, or the house you live in now isn’t suitable for your lifestyle.

Whatever your reasons, you know you want to buy a new home, but you aren’t sure yet what it is you want to buy.

Taking the time to think about your household needs is an important step in deciding on your next home purchase...

  • What is it about your current situation that you want to change?
  • What type of home will accommodate your lifestyle and your needs?

You may be thinking about a single-family home, but have you explored the idea of a luxury condo instead?

We have some reasons a luxury condo may be a much better choice.

6 Reasons Why A Luxury Condo Could Suit You Better Than A New House Recreation ImageMore Time For Recreational Activities

When you own a single-family home, you’re responsible for everything that comes with it. That includes yard work, maintenance and repairs (both internal and external), snow shoveling, and all kinds of random, time-consuming tasks. You may be physically capable of handling all of this, but is this how you want to spend your personal time?

In a condo, you’ll have none of these responsibilities. The property has maintenance workers and contractors to handle this for the entire complex, freeing up your time for more enjoyable activities.

More Time To Travel

On the same note, not having to spend your weekends on home and yard maintenance allows you the time and freedom to travel! You won’t need to call on a neighbour or friend to cut your lawn while you’re away or watch your house for intruders.

Most condo properties have some form of security, so you can leave your home behind without a worry and enjoy your time away.

6 Reasons Why A Luxury Condo Could Suit You Better Than A New House Repair ImageLeave The Repairs To Someone Else

If you find something in your condo that needs repairs, there is no need to call contractors, collect quotes, or work with tradespeople. The benefit of living in a condo is that there are maintenance staff you can call on to handle this for you. 

If you’ve never fixed a leaky pipe before, you still won’t have to.

A Luxury Condo Has Built-in Amenities

Depending on the property, most luxury condos come with amenities you’d normally have to pay extra for. If you like going to the gym or entertaining a lot of people in a private venue, you can do this right at home. If you owned a single-family home, not only would you have the added fees for these services, but you’ll also have the commute to get there.

Many high-rise condos also offer rooftop patios or outdoor/shared kitchens where you can entertain guests. While you’re able to do this in the backyard of a single-family home, you’ll be the one building the deck and buying the furniture and fixtures. And on top of that, you’ll be responsible for maintaining those items every year.

In a condo, you can simply enjoy the space, making sure to clean up after you’ve finished and leave it behind when you’re done.

6 Reasons Why A Luxury Condo Could Suit You Better Than A New House Friends ImageEnjoy More Social Connections

If getting out and gathering with people is something you enjoy doing, living in a luxury condo will give you a built-in community of neighbours. Because of the closer proximity to one another, there is more opportunity to build these relationships.

And since you all purchased the same type of property, your backgrounds and interests are likely similar which means you should have plenty in common.

You’ll Be Closer To The Action

Many condo properties are located near urban centres, shopping areas, or communities with lots of activity. As such, your choice of condo location can give you close proximity to great restaurants and shopping. You won’t need to plan a drive or find parking, since you’ll likely be steps away and can easily pop down for a drink after work or meet some friends for coffee.

Comparing a single-family house to a luxury condo is almost a non-comparison. The two lifestyles are very different from one another. When you’re considering the perfect next home, be aware of how you want to spend your time and money, and your decision should make itself for you.

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