How Do I Start Furnishing My New Condo?

You’ve purchased your ideal condo and you’re excited to start your new life in a new space. But your existing furniture is either unfitting or entirely non-existent. You want your new home to have that special ambiance; one that speaks to you, your style, and your way of life.

But how do you make that happen? 

The following tips will help you furnish your new condo the right way for a cohesive look from room to room. The end result will be worth the effort once everyone sees how nice your new condo looks!

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Decide On Your Style

Assembling the right interior design for your new condo is made simpler by starting with and deciding the type of style you like. Do you prefer modern? Contemporary? Farmhouse? Or are you even a bit bolder and prefer the wood grains and clean lines of mid-century modern design? 

Whatever your design style, there are distinct features of each to help guide you in choosing colours, textures, and overall look. To make your design feel complete, carry this style consistently throughout your condo.

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Define Your Spaces

With many condo layouts, open-concept spaces are common. This means your living, dining, and kitchen may be part of the same open space. Define these areas with marked furniture arrangements, creating invisible dividers that both clarify the spaces and also retain their cohesiveness.

As an example, a light fixture suspended above the dining table provides a central visual piece to the space. The placement of satellite chairs in your living area can direct those sitting down toward the center of the room. A beautiful area rug can also accomplish this without invading the openness of the room.

Lighten The Décor To Make The Space Feel Larger

Some condo layouts may feel a bit on the smaller side, especially if you’re downsizing from a larger home and are used to having more room. There are several things you can do to make your new space feel larger than it is, including using lighter décor and paint colours. Lighter colours reflect more incoming light, making spaces feel airier and more open. Choose lighter coloured wall paint, furniture pieces, and minimize decorative items like pillows and artwork.

Additionally, be sure the furniture you select doesn’t overwhelm the room. If a full-sized sofa leaves almost no room for movement, perhaps opt for a love seat and separate chair. Choose furniture that is less bulky in design, such as glass tables with smaller metal legs.

Also consider using one of the interior designer’s best tricks: mirrors. Stylish mirrors placed strategically in tighter areas of the home can give the illusion of more space and will also reflect extra light.

How Do I Start Furnishing My New Condo? Succulent ImageAdd Life To Your Condo With Plants

Even if your new condo isn’t flooded with a ton of natural light, plants add a touch of beauty and life that no other type of décor can. Select plants that suit the level of light in your home, as well as your lifestyle.

Succulents are typically easier to care for and only require a few hours of light per day. If your condo has plenty of natural light, consider indoor trees, hanging baskets, or even glass atrium displays.

Get Creative With Functional Furniture

If space is limited in your new condo, you should consider multi-functional, adjustable furniture such as a folding table, sofa bed, or movable kitchen island. These items allow you the flexibility to use them when needed and store them elsewhere when not.

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Plan Ahead To Create The Best Spaces

When you’re planning to furnish your new condo, the best way to accomplish your ideal look is to have a plan.

Take measurements of each space and measure furniture before buying. Sketch your planned layout using these measurements to be sure you aren’t overwhelming the room by limiting walking/breathing space. Keep your furniture and décor plans to a minimum - a little goes a long way in a condo. 

Make a list of the furniture and décor pieces you want and formulate a budget to stay on track. Remember, you don’t need to buy everything at once! Start with your anchor pieces, such as your sofa, bed, dresser, etc, and build your design around them piece by piece.

Even though some condos can seem less spacious than a single-family home, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great interior design. By making some well-planned decisions and being mindful of the furniture and décor you choose, your new condo can be the perfect reflection of you and your unique style.

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