Finding Your Perfect Condo Floor Plan

Choosing a condo property that offers the amenities you are looking for, in an ideal location, is only one part of your new home search. In order to find the right condo for your needs, you should also make some important decisions about the floor plan.

Whether you’re downsizing or looking specifically for the unique lifestyle a condo offers, the space and layout of your new home is directly related to your day-to-day life.

For example, will the grandkids be coming to visit occasionally? You’ll need storage for their favourite toys and items, and perhaps an extra bedroom for them. If you’re moving into a condo to be closer to the action and don’t want to sacrifice comfort, you’ll want to decide on the square footage you prefer. Will you need a home office or a den?

To help you make the right decision, we’ve put together these tips on how to choose an ideal floor plan to suit your lifestyle.

Finding Your Perfect Condo Floor Plan Bedroom Image

Master Bedroom of The Chopin Model

How Many Bedrooms?

For those moving into a condo to reduce maintenance and care responsibilities, you’ll likely want as few bedrooms as possible. If you have no need for an additional bedroom to act as a den, extra sleeping quarters for guests, or home office, a one-bedroom condo can be highly efficient in both cost and house cleaning.

If you find you may need a bit of extra dedicated space, consider whether you need a full extra bedroom, or if you can opt for a one-bedroom-plus-den, which is usually a smaller room with no closet or door. 

If you plan on having overnight guests often, would you like a condo unit that gives them their own bathroom? It doesn’t need to be as luxurious as your master suite, but it’s a nice touch for your guests. You can also take a look at a two-bedroom-plus-den option for some extra space!

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Master Ensuite of The Mendelssohn Model

How Many Bathrooms?

Think about how many bathrooms are necessary for your lifestyle. If you’re used to having a home with two or more bathrooms, it may seem daunting to reduce your floor plan down to one bathroom.

It is more common to find new condos with two bathrooms included, even in a one-bedroom plan, but making this decision ahead of time will allow you to make an easier choice between plans.

Placement In the Building

Does it matter to you if you’re located near elevators? Would you prefer to be nestled in between your neighbours or opt for a spacious and open corner floor plan? You might also look at the building plan to see the proximity to the building amenities and utilities.

Are you afraid of heights? You may wish to opt for a lower-floor condo so you can still enjoy your outdoor space. If you prefer spectacular views, you can choose a floor plan on a higher floor.

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The Rossini I Model Kitchen

Lighting Matters

Speaking of placement within the building, you also want to consider the amount of natural light your condo will receive.

Do you have plenty of plants that need natural light? A corner unit, or one facing west or south is best for this.

Do you love your bedroom pitch black or waking up to sunshine in the morning? Take a look at your unit placement to make the most of what you can get. 

Think about the rooms you spend the most time in, and consider the amount of light those spaces will have due to their direction.

How High are the Ceilings?

Lighting is also affected by the height of your ceiling. A standard eight-foot ceiling height can make your condo feel on the darker side, depending on your location within the building. By opting for a nine-foot ceiling, you may be surprised how much brighter and larger the space feels.

If it’s something that is important to you, ensure you let the sales representative know so they can help you find the best option.

Space Planning

This is a hefty topic. Not only should the floor plan you’re considering have a space-maximized layout, but if you require storage of any kind, take a look at what has been included in the design.

  • Will the pantry be sufficient or does it even have one?
  • Are the closets too small/too few?
  • Will you have a place to store your vacuum cleaner?

Hallways take up a significant amount of space in a floor plan, sometimes up to 200 square feet. Depending on how many bedrooms you are looking for, you may look for a floor plan that has as much of the floor space designed for active use as possible. Less hallway means more living room, or extra den space.

Also, if you have bulkier items to store such as a bike or luggage, be sure to inquire if there is extra storage in the building you have access to if you don’t want to add extra clutter by hanging a bike from the wall in your den.

Finding Your Perfect Condo Floor Plan Balcony Image

The Carrera Model Balcony

Outdoor Space

Another thing to think about is whether you will require your own private outdoor space, such as a balcony or patio. You may enjoy sitting outside with a cup of coffee in the mornings, or growing a small herb garden that no one else has access to.

Having an outdoor space also makes your condo itself feel larger, since you’ll have an extra space to retreat to.

Choosing your ideal floor plan depends highly on your lifestyle and specific needs. Be sure to list all of your must-haves, and add a wish list so that when you are ready to choose a floor plan, you have a clear picture of what style of condo you will need to feel right at home.

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