4 Condo Styles for Retired Couples

As you weigh all your options in your hunt for the ideal new condo, you’ll consider things like location, building or property amenities, proximity to shopping and dining establishments, among others. You’ll choose a floor plan that works best for your lifestyle in your retirement.

Did you know there are a variety of condo styles to choose from as well?

A condo doesn’t always have to be apartment-style (one floor with a door to a hallway). There is a selection of other styles that meet the needs of your unique lifestyle and your desired level of privacy.

4 Condo Styles for Retired Couples High-rise Condo Image

View of the Symphony Tower from the Legislative Grounds

High-Rise Apartments

Often found in the urban core of a city, a high-rise condo is a building consisting of more than six floors, and the condo units are either apartment-style or penthouse style. While the price can sometimes be a little higher, they usually offer a wide variety of amenities and incentives like covered parking, as well as an unbeatable location.

The other main attraction of a high-rise is often the view. By their nature, high-rise apartments tend to have spectacular views, whether they’re located in a city center or further out with a view of nature. If you’re the type of person who likes to have a lot of visitors, a high-rise apartment is a sure-fire way to impress whoever stops by!

Low-Rise Apartments

A low-rise is an apartment-style condo building with typically two to six floors. This is an ideal solution if you’re looking for a cost-effective condo you can downsize into, but you don’t want a lot of neighbours. This style of property doesn’t usually come with as many building amenities, but they are often located near grocery stores, restaurants, and other well-equipped areas.

This property typically comes with surface, open-air parking only. There may or may not be carports available. Depending on the building as well, you may need to consider whether there are only stairs to each floor or if there is an elevator available.

A low-rise condo may or may not be managed by a designated property manager. You will want to confirm the type of maintenance performed at this type of property to see if it’s scheduled rather than daily or on call.

Detached Condos

For some homeowners moving into retirement, the idea of moving into an apartment-style condo is not appealing - some may prefer to have less neighbours around, or to live further away from the city in a quieter area. Others may simply not want to downsize to that extent.

One option for your new condo life is to choose a detached condo. This style of property gives you freedom from maintenance and responsibilities, while still enjoying the life of a single-family home. These condo properties typically include recreational facilities and are laid out like a standard community with roads and sidewalks.However, you’ll enjoy the privacy and security of a single-family home, leaving the maintenance to someone else.

4 Condo Styles for Retired Couples Townhomes Image

Symphony Tower Townhomes


Maybe a detached home is a bit too big, but you don’t want to downsize so much to opt for an apartment-style condo. A great middle-of-the-road solution is a townhome. This style of property is a row of attached, multi-storey homes, typically between three and eight units. They offer the feeling of a single-family home but are constructed as one single building.

A cost-effective solution, townhomes offer spacious floor plans at a great price.

Ownership responsibilities can vary in this type of condo property. You will need to clarify before you buy whether owners are required to handle yard maintenance and building repairs, or if there is a body in place responsible for these tasks.

Individual Condo Unit Styles to Consider

Once you’ve decided on a building style, you then need to look into the actual condo unit style you want.

4 Condo Styles for Retired Couples Bedroom Image

The Mendelssohn Model Master Bedoom


If you’re looking for a starter unit or really wanting to downsize, a one-bedroom unit is a great option to look at. Simple, efficient and all you need without any wasted extra space.


This is a popular option and for good reason. With a two-bedroom unit, you have all the space you need personally and room for guests as well. You also usually have two bathrooms in these plans, which means you don’t have to share with said guests!

Two-Bedroom + Den

Adding a den is the perfect option if a two-bedroom plan isn’t quite enough room for what you need. This allows you to have a home office or theatre room without sacrificing a bedroom for it.


If you’ve got kids, a three bedroom unit allows you to give them their own space and still have the ability for overnight guests as well.

When choosing your new condo’s building style, think about the kind of retirement you want for today, and how your life might look several years from now. will you prefer to have multiple floors in a highrise condominium, or the private garden you can tend in your detached home in a gated community? There are plenty of options available, and you get to decide what works best for you.

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