6 Community Features You Should Look for Around Your Condo Building

Living the condo life means being at the heart of the action. A vibrant community you can immerse yourself into, easy access to all the best nightlife, and your favourite activities just steps from your door are some of the best reasons to live in a condo.

So how do you know if you’re choosing the right condo community for your lifestyle? Here are some features to look for.

6 Community Features You Should Look for Around Your Condo Building Cafe ImageRestaurants & Cafes

It isn’t enough anymore to just have a Starbucks on every corner (although, no one is complaining about that!) If you love dining out and spending time with friends, your community should have all the types of restaurants and cafes you enjoy.

How convenient is it to pop down to a café that serves luscious, steaming lattes and freshly baked pastries? Grab breakfast on your way to work or lounge on a Sunday morning with your favourite style of eggs and a cup of tea.

A variety of restaurants should also be on your radar. Anything from casual fare to a gorgeous sit-down establishment - as well as plenty of cuisine choices - will give you the options you’re looking for. And if you like take-out, be sure there are options close by that offer variety.

Grocery Stores & Other Necessities

Living in a condo means you want to have easy access to all the necessities, such as grocery and convenience stores. If you’re living in the heart of your community, you aren’t going to want to drive a far distance to buy your food.

The same applies to convenience stores and pharmacy locations. If you need to pick up a prescription or just a jug of milk, having these stores close by makes the little things that much easier.

6 Community Features You Should Look for Around Your Condo Building Outdoor Market ImageShopping

If you like to peruse the shops, look for places like shopping centres, block malls, and vibrant street markets. Street markets bring positive energy to the community and offer great opportunities to support local businesses. Bring your pooch along for a walk and perhaps a romp in a nearby dog-friendly park.

Block malls and shopping centres are perfect for lifestyle needs such as clothing, spa and salon services, and sometimes movie theatres. Whatever your general needs, there should be a shopping facility nearby to serve you.

6 Community Features You Should Look for Around Your Condo Building Fitness Centre ImageRecreation

Speaking of lifestyle, if you are active and looking for a place to meet people, stay fit, and have fun, be sure your community offers recreational facilities (in addition to your condo facilities if offered.)

Places like local fitness centres offer classes and personal training and are a great way to join up with friends to reach some goals together (pandemic guidelines notwithstanding, of course!).

Sports centres offer additional facilities such as pools, tennis, badminton, and volleyball courts, and other training spaces. These centres also offer personal training, team exercise, and nutritional services to help you with your health and fitness goals.

6 Community Features You Should Look for Around Your Condo Building Edmonton Park ImageParks and Greenspace

When you have beautiful parks and green space nearby, getting outside for exercise, recreation, or just to enjoy nature is easy.

Access to paved paths, bike lanes, and open greenery gives you plenty of options to get your outdoor fix. And if you have a pet, it’s a great place to get in a regular walk or run without having to go far.

6 Community Features You Should Look for Around Your Condo Building Nightlife ImageNightlife

Restaurants are just one part of your nightlife experience living in a condo. Your community should offer things like pubs and venues - places to gather and enjoy live entertainment.

These locations can be local stages that host a wide variety of artists or even major arenas where you can enjoy some of the world’s best bands or a playoff hockey game... and then walk home.

By exploring your local community, you can discover an entire lifestyle within walking distance. Whether you prefer to spend your time shopping or hanging out in the local pub with friends, everything you need can be close enough to enjoy without a stressful commute, giving you more time to live your best condo life.

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