What’s the Best Type of Condo Building for My Lifestyle?

You may be under the assumption that all condo styles are the same. Maybe you’ve been thinking about buying a condo in a modern, high design, high-rise condo in the urban core. That might just be the right condo style for you.

 It’s a smart idea to explore all of your options so you know for sure.

We’ve highlighted four popular condo styles in this article so you can learn more about each one and find the best fit for your lifestyle.

What’s the Best Type of Condo Building for My Lifestyle? Highrise Condo Image

Street View of the Symphony Tower

High-Rise Condo Style

If you’re the kind of homeowner who loves being near the action of a vibrant urban community, high-rise condos are the perfect choice for you!

Often these properties are crafted in a modern design and offer stunning views of the skyline. These condos are built for owners who want a higher-end lifestyle, rooftop or balcony entertaining, a short commute to work, and to get more out of their building amenities.

Corner condos with spectacular views. Penthouse suites with private patios. Underground parking and extra storage if you need it. This is what high-rise condos are all about! Not to mention you’ll be steps away from restaurants and bars, shopping, and ideally, work.

Imagine being able to walk or take a short LRT trip to a hockey game or concert or offering friends a place to stay the night in your extra bedroom with a private bathroom. Invite guests to a private dinner party with a professional chef. This is the high-rise condo life.

What’s the Best Type of Condo Building for My Lifestyle? Loft ImageLofts

Loft-style condos are often converted warehouses, breweries, commercial, or industrial buildings. They’re designed as single-floor units with an abundance of square footage. This is an excellent option if you are looking for a property with some history, and because they’re constructed for major commercial use, they’re often in great locations.

A loft-style condo is not for the faint of heart. They often have few or no walls, intended to work as a completely open concept living space. The ceilings are usually very high, making an already spacious condo feel much larger. This style of condo also has larger windows, since they were originally commercial sized.

Because this style has few walls and large windows, the natural light coming into the unit is quite vibrant. If you like to paint or grow plants or herbs, this is a fantastic option for you.

And, with the openness of the space, you have the freedom to customize your living spaces as you see fit. Use modern design techniques to visually separate spaces without requiring walls.

What’s the Best Type of Condo Building for My Lifestyle? Townhouses Image

Symphony Tower Townhouses


If you’re looking for something a bit less posh or a bit more cost-effective, consider a townhouse-style condo. These properties are designed to feel like single-family homes, usually with two storeys and a private yard, but are connected as one large building. A townhouse condo building will have anywhere between three to eight units attached.

This style of condo usually means you’ll have your own private entrance. Some townhomes are designed as three floors with the garage and a small flex space on the main floor, and two floors of living space above. Others are two-storey with a bit of private yard space and a detached double-car garage.

Townhouse condos can vary in terms of the amount of responsibility an owner has. In some cases, the owner may be responsible for yard maintenance and building repairs. It’s best to check with the condo association before buying to ensure you are comfortable with the level of responsibility they may or may not have with the specific property.

Low-Rise Condo Style

Somewhat like the high-rise condo, a low-rise is also an apartment-style design with single-floor units. However, a low-rise building will have between two and six floors of units. This style of building is designed to be more cost-effective and does not typically offer special amenities.

This might be the condo-style for you if you are looking for a simple condo close to common community amenities like restaurants and shopping, doctors' offices and public transit. This style of condo is common for first-time buyers who want to start small at first and build equity before investing in a more expensive option.

Condo Unit Styles to Look At

After you’ve decided what type of condo building you want, it’s time to look at the unit style that best fits what you’re looking for.

One-Bedroom Condo Unit

If you’re looking for a classic, uncomplicated condo, a one-bedroom unit is a great option. Simple, efficient and all you need without any wasted extra space.

What’s the Best Type of Condo Building for My Lifestyle? Chopin Bedroom Image

Master Bedroom in the Chopin Model

Two-Bedroom Condo Unit

This is a popular option for good reason. With a two-bedroom unit, you have all the space you need with room for guests. You also usually have two bathrooms, which means you won’t have to share.

Two-Bedroom + Den Condo Unit

Adding a den is the perfect option if a two-bedroom floor plan isn’t enough room, but you don’t need a third bedroom, since a den doesn’t normally have a closet.

Three-Bedroom Condo Unit

If you have kids, a three bedroom unit will allow you to give them their own space and still have a room for overnight guests if needed.

Note: if a townhouse is what really appeals to you, most of them come in these styles so it’s simply a matter of choosing which one you like.

Depending on your lifestyle, there are a variety of options in terms of condo buildings to choose from. You can opt for a low-rise or townhouse condo, or if you are looking to live the high life, there are urban high-rise condos and lofts that will certainly suit your needs.

Now that you know more about each type, it’s time to narrow your options. Weigh your needs and wants when deciding on your ideal condo style and consider how long you intend to live there. You’re sure to find one that fits your lifestyle well, with all the features and amenities that matter to you.

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