Your Guide to Some of the Best Restaurants in Downtown Edmonton

Living in Symphony Tower, you’ll be surrounded by some of downtown Edmonton’s most enticing restaurants. The Government District is home to an eclectic mix of cafes, fine dining, and casual gathering spaces, all within walking distance.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite out or a place to enjoy an incredible meal, downtown Edmonton has something for all your culinary needs.

Your Guide to Some of the Best Restaurants in Downtown Edmonton Cafe ImageCute Cafes

Want to enjoy a walk and a great cup of coffee? There are more than a half dozen cafes in the area, and that doesn’t include Starbucks. 

Café Vancia is the closest café to Symphony Tower and has one mission: to emulate the French village after which their café was named. Their goal is to create a tight-knit community and to support domestic business. Café Vancia serves quality, premium-grade coffee sourced from a roasting company in Vernon, British Columbia, and ensures their beans are Certified Organic Fair Trade. 

From staples such as brewed coffee, lattes, and cappuccinos to teas, tea lattes, and apple cider, no matter what your preference may be Café Vancia has your joe. Try their Red Espresso Latte, made from caffeine-free Rooibos tea and steamed milk.

Café Lavi is a vibrant hub for coffee lovers, but coffee isn’t all they serve. They specialize in Iranian cuisine, offering a wide variety of mouthwatering rice dishes, soups, and pastries. And if you’re working on your keto diet, they also offer keto coffee! Whether you’re looking for a comfortable place to work, study, or simply enjoy great coffee and food, Café Lavi is your next favourite place to be.

Your Guide to Some of the Best Restaurants in Downtown Edmonton Casual Dining ImageCozy Casual Dining

Zuppa Café & Pizza is an independent, family-run restaurant offering locally sourced lunch and dinner options to crush your casual cravings. Everything from pasta to healthy wraps, and of course pizza is available. Their cinnamon buns come with a wide variety of toppings to tease your sweet tooth, and if you’ve never had a CakeShake, it’s definitely worth a try! Catering is also available.

For European fare visit Bistro Praha, offering traditional Czech and Eastern European choices. Start your meal with pickled herring or smoked salmon, or a piping bowl of Prague Sauerkraut Soup. For your main course, select from lamb, poultry, or fish, or select one of their specialties such as Steak a la Tartare or Roasted Duck. A variety of Schnitzels are on the menu, as well as an extensive variety of dessert crepes and strudels.

If you’re looking for incredibly unique Asian fare, book a table at Baijiu. While you can order staples like fried rice and pork dumplings, they are known for serving the best bao sandwiches in Edmonton. Not only are they delicious, but they are small works of art. 

Have you ever had a Pink Lemonade Dessert Bao? It’s worth a try, made with house strawberry ice cream and candied lemon swirl. If you’re really into meat, try their Muffuletta Bao, piled alarmingly high with salami, mortadella, capicollo, provolone, and olive salad.

Your Guide to Some of the Best Restaurants in Downtown Edmonton Fine Dining ImageFabulous Fine Dining

According to Woodwork’s website, the name pays homage to the intersection of their passions for wood-fired cooking and barrel-aged spirits. If you’re looking for a warm and spirited place to dine and indulge in an extensive selection of cocktails, Woodwork is your place. Serving premium bar snacks and small plates such as Hickory Frites, Charcuterie, and fried chicken like you’ve never enjoyed before, as well as mains such as charcoal-grilled burgers, steak, and Roast Chicketta. For dessert, who could resist their salted whisky Sticky Toffee Pudding? To pair with their grilled food, choose from a wide selection of wine, spirits, and beers.

If you’re looking for rustic Italian cuisine and perfectly matched wine, Bianco is incredible. Bianco embodies the quintessential Italian experience: a joyous setting to enjoy great food and even greater relationships. Their pasta and pizza are made in-house using unbleached, whole grain, non-GMO organic flour, and of course love. Enjoy an atmosphere that marries the heart of Edmonton with the beauty of Italian culture. Catering is also available.

Downtown Edmonton is home to an exceptionally diverse selection of quality restaurants, bistros, and cafes. Within just a few minutes of Symphony Tower, you’ll enjoy locally sourced dishes, premium coffees and teas, and meals with origins around the globe. No matter what you have a craving for, there’s a restaurant nearby that offers just what your taste buds are looking for.

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